Because we care about nature

For us, as true mountain lovers and nature lovers, the positive attitude towards a sustainable and conscious way of life is fundamental, because in the sensitive ecosystem in which we live, every decision should have as gentle an impact on our environment as possible.

We have already taken this into account during our generous remodeling works, bringing our house up to the latest ecological technology, which means:

  • Our entire buildings are heated with a geothermal heat pump
  • In addition to hot water heating, a hybrid photovoltaic and solar energy system supports us
  • Increased insulation and triple-glazed windows ensure a positive energy balance
  • We source washing and cleaning products from ecologically sustainable production companies
  • Cosmetic products in the rooms are provided in bulk and are produced on a natural cosmetics basis in the Bregenzerwald
  • We deliberately refrain from offering additional cosmetic accessories and slippers that are unnecessarily individually packaged in plastic
  • Food on our breakfast buffet is provided with as little packaging as possible. Regional sources of supply go without saying
  • Our beverages are provided in recyclable glass bottles and not plastic bottles
  • All light fixtures have been replaced with energy efficient LED alternatives
  • Heat recovery from exhaust air from refrigeration, ventilation and electrical equipment

We are certainly not prophets in this field, but we ourselves are constantly learning. At the same time, we try every day with one or the other decision to make our contribution and create awareness to preserve our wonderful nature and environment. Already alone or better said because of our following generation for the sake. According to the African proverb:

“If many small people do many small things in many small places, they can change the face of the world.”