The Alpin continues to develop

Completely under the motto of an old honorable Bregenzerwald proverb (roughly: “We honor the old and welcome the new”) were our two intensive construction phases, which we were able to realize in the summer of 2020 and 2021. Our former Kleine Alpin***Hotel garni, as many of our regular guests still fondly remember it, underwent a complete general renovation during this time and was brought up to the latest standards both technically and ecologically. In addition to a new underground garage for all guest cars, it was also possible to build a private house for Maria and Gebhard, who can now enjoy their well-deserved retirement there after a life filled with hard work. Whereby they are anything but “quiet”, who knows them, knows what we’re talking about 😊

We are happy to take you on this exciting and intense journey, which we were allowed to experience, and give you some insights into the project development of the Kleinen Alpin***Hotel garni to the new Alpin – Studios & Suites.

Much pleasure wish you,

Belinda & Mathias Fritz

Construction phase 1: April 2020 – November 2020

Heavy equipment is rolling in, as around 4,500 cubic meters of earth are to be excavated to provide underground space for the new underground parking garage with a total of 24 parking spaces. An insane hole, whose huge dimensions in the pictures only give an idea of how big it was in reality.

The groundbreaking ceremony on April 13, 2020 marked the start of construction of the new underground parking garage. Within only 15 days, the excavator in the background managed to finish digging the construction pit.

Groundbreaking ceremony
Excavator excavation
Excavation 2020
Excavation completion

On May 5, the drilling for the geothermal energy started. At the beginning of June, the floor slab for the single-family house was concreted.

Base plate
Drilling geothermal heat
Things are moving forward

From the end of June, the floor plans are taking shape. Work is progressing rapidly, and the weather is cooperating well.

Floor plans take shape
Construction site from the air

By mid-August 2020, the roof is already almost complete.

Mid August
Roof almost finished

On August 12, the bottom slab of the underground parking garage will be concreted. Quite a lot of concrete.

Quite a lot of concrete
Floor slab underground parking

At the end of August to the beginning of September 2020, the ceiling of the underground car park will be concreted. Tons of iron will be processed. Hundreds of uprights hold the weight of the freshly concreted underground parking garage ceiling.

Underground parking ceiling
Underground parking ceiling
Hundreds of "Steher"
House is shingled

In October 2020, the private house will be shingled. Many hardworking hands help us with this. In mid-November, the underground garage will be finished and construction phase 1 will be successfully completed.

Underground parking finished
Completion of construction phase 1

Construction phase 2: March 2021-November 2021

Now it’s getting really serious! The Kleine Alpin***Hotel garni, as it had faithfully opened its doors to its guests for 40 years, will be completely renovated from the lowest basement to the new third floor. In the process, we are leaving the exterior walls and load-bearing walls almost completely in place, since the substance was still insanely well preserved. We would not have had the heart to raze this house, which Gebhard and Maria had built up with an incredible amount of passion and their own hands, to the ground. So we were allowed to adapt ourselves and our ideas to the house, with everything it had to offer, and we are happy that we were now allowed to write another piece in the development history of the “Alpin”.

Pictures will follow…